Off-Peak Season Cruises

Definition of off peak season cruises

Timing is an important part of planning a cruise trip, which is why weather and seasonality are carefully considered. Cruise schedules are prone to being affected by inclement weather, forecasted or not. This is why cruise enthusiasts typically plan their trips around their personal preferences for sunshine, fishing, wildlife viewing, and warm weather. However, going on off peak season cruises during times of the year when there is significantly less demand due to a more rainfall or less visibility, also brings about benefits of its own.

When is the best time to go for off peak season cruises

The general rule of thumb for peak season is when the sun shines the most in a certain region, or when there are no holidays.

The summer months generally always have the highest demand, with the kids out of school and the weather perfect for heading to beaches and tropical destinations such as the Caribbean. So if you want to save by going on off peak season cruises, try checking out those that depart during the fall or autumn. Similarly, if you want to save money but prefer visiting destinations that are in high demand during the winter and spring seasons such as Alaska, you’ll be able to save by traveling from May to September, the region’s schedule for off peak season cruises. An added perk to visiting Alaska on these months is you’ll have a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights!

How to find the best off peak season cruises travel deals

If you want to maximize the savings you can enjoy from booking off peak season cruises, there are a few things to remember. The first is to book early, as much as twelve months in advance. Cruise lines are known to drop prices if you’re looking to book at least a year in advance.

Second, it helps to know your destination; do your research on when there are less travelers and holidays and you’re bound to find specials and extra promotions bundled with fares for off peak season cruises.

Last but not the least, just because you’ve snagged yourself a great value cruise trip doesn’t mean everything else is going to be as cheap. Remember to factor in the total cost of your holiday, and include other aspects such as hotels, flights, and other excursions into your total budget to see if you really do have yourself a bargain. 

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