How to plan a memorable holiday during the Disney off peak season

When is the Disney off peak season?

Going on a memorable trip with your family to Disneyland may mean that you’d be waiting in line for hours, mingling in large crowds, and paying more for hotels and flights during the peak season. But with careful planning, you can enjoy it just as well by going during the Disney off peak season.

The low season to visit Disney falls in 4 seasons around the year: mid September until mid October, after Thanksgiving until the week before December 25, one week after Easter until Memorial Day Weekend, and after New Year’s running through President’s Day which falls in the middle of February. 

Disney off peak season also offers some spectacular nightly shows which aren’t available during the peak season, which makes it another good reason to go. To make your visit worthwhile, stay at least a night or two to maximize the Disney experience with your family. 

Save during Disney off peak season

There are many ways to go about having a memorable Disney off peak season without having to break the bank.

  1. Don’t go direct to the Disney website and book everything without doing any research on the internet. There are many sites which offer valuable bargains for the Disney off peak season which can amount to great savings.
  2. Share accommodations especially if you’re visiting with a large group. If you find that staying at Disney’s hotels may be too pricey, don’t worry because there are many resorts just a few minutes away where you can stay the night. 
  3. Make a list of things you’ll need while inside the park. Pack what you can, because even during Disney off peak season, basic items such as sunscreen can cost much higher if you buy them inside rather than outside at a local drugstore. 

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