Off Peak Travel in Asia During the Pandemic

With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in Asia and all over the world, the travel industry is taking a huge hit. The best way to avoid infection is by practicing good hygiene and common sense precautions when traveling abroad.

For the more adventurous, traveling while COVID-19 is spreading across Asia might seem like a risky proposition. But there are plenty of places in Asia that remain untouched by the virus. While it's true that destinations have been hit hard, others have experienced few cases at all, which means their economies aren't suffering (and neither are you—they offer great deals on hotels).

During the coronavirus travel scare, many people have decided to cancel their trips to Asia and book a flight to somewhere else instead. However, we have found that there are still plenty of places in Asia that are worth visiting – whether you’re traveling during the coronavirus pandemic or during off-peak season.

Off peak season destinations

In the period of January to February and September to November, many hotels and resorts are available for half price. It is a good time to book a trip to get a discount.

Off peak travel during pandemic

During pandemic, if you don't want to be in contact with affected people or exposed to others' sneeze or coughs, it's recommended that you avoid traveling during the peak season (June-August) or during the festival season (September-October). The flu virus spreads easily among people who are in close proximity for long periods of time. 

If you are planning to travel during off peak season, remember that the weather is likely to be much hotter or colder than in other times of the year. To get more information on how to stay safe while traveling during pandemic and off peak seasons, stay updated with updates on our blog.

Off peak travel season is a good time to go on vacation, and Asia has a lot of great locations you can visit. But it’s also important to be aware of the risks during an influenzavirus pandemic. Check out our blog for tips on how to stay safe and have fun!

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