When is the best time to travel to Tokyo?

Best time to go

Tokyo experiences four seasons. Summers can be unbearably hot, spring can be beautiful but extremely crowded (due to the Cherry Blossom festival) and winter does not always bring low hotel rates to tourists. Therefore, the best time to travel to Tokyo is in the fall.

Top events

If you're a film buff, you would enjoy going to the Tokyo International Film Festival, usually taking place in the last week of October. You can find more details about the TIFF event here.

November is just as perfect but definitely cooler, and Labor Thanksgiving Day happens just as we are celebrating our own Thanksgiving holiday here in the US.

Off peak season and how to save money

Tokyo is definitely not the cheapest city to visit. Hotel rates aren't any inexpensive at any time of the year, but if you book ahead of the time, or travel during the off peak season (fall), then you can save a ton. Plus, you should learn how to eat like a local in Japanese restaurants (which are just about everywhere) and check out many free attractions within the city.

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