When is the best time to travel to Seoul?


The best time to go to Seoul really depends upon your own preference. If you like rain and humid heat, go in the summer. If you like to ski, travel in December and January. For many seasoned travelers in Seoul, the most perfect temperatures can be experienced during spring and fall -- hovering around 50s to 70s. A light jacket is still a must, but hotel rates aren't as high. Watch out as the crowd picks up during a variety of festivals.


In Seoul, Spring Flower and Lotus Lantern festivals happen in spring. The cherry blossoms and azaleas blooming are a beauty to behold. In July, crowds will be packed for the warm weather and the Seoul Animation Festival. Comic Con happens twice a month in many convention areas of Seoul. Koreans celebrate Thanksgiving in September and the biggest festival of the year (Hi Seoul) happens in October. If you want to witness the Korean way of celebrating the Lunar New Year, consider visiting during February.


Immerse yourself in true Korean culture when everyone else is doing the cliche during the peak season months. Food stalls brimming with hot soups and Korean barbecue are cheap and best eaten when it's freezing out. During off peak season, you save more money on hotel rates and attractions because the lines are shorter. Most importantly, try the many free things to do in Korea that you can only do during off peak season, such as watching fireworks on a Lunar New Year or visiting Seoul's citizen parks when lilacs are just starting to bloom.

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