Lisbon's biggest town party happens in June

The weather in Lisbon is, all in all, hotter all year than in whatever is left of the Europe (like different urban areas of South Europe). The warm and dry season for the most part starts in May and completes in October. The most sizzling months are July and August which the thermometers effectively can achieve the 37ÂșC and in some cases a tiny bit more. Bring a decent cap and a sun screen and keep away from the immediate sunlight somewhere around 1 pm and 3 pm, particularly if you have an extremely white skin. The chilly season starts in November until March. Lisbon never has negative temperatures and never snows (it's to a great degree, to a great degree uncommon!). The rainy months more often than not are January, February, April, November and December.

If you're traveling off peak season, here's a little note about a Lisbon festival you may or may not attend: The greatest party of the city is the night eve of St. Antonio's day on twelfth June. It is an inconceivable local experience to live! Everybody goes to the streets to party, drink and have some good times until drop. Make certain you are in the well known districts as Alfama, Mouraria or Castle. But the best party is at Bica which is totally swarmed with the absolute most "beautiful" people of the city. Bear in mind to eat sardines in a bread cut and drink some sangria for supper, it's the customary feast for that night.

You'll see many individuals offering it on streets; the majority of the times is very safe to eat. It's cheaper and you'll be in the state of mind sooner!

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