Singapore is my true tropical getaway

Found only north of the equator Singapore's climate is tropical, and for the most part hot and muggy with normal temperatures extending somewhere around 79°F and 86° F during the day all through a significant part of the year. It can be to some degree cooler around evening time. Indeed, even on the coldest days you're liable to need to leave the coat at home.

As the city is situated in the tropics you can expect normal rainfall consistently, and these while generally short can be overwhelming. So you ought to plan on packing an umbrella. The wettest months are in the middle of November and January, which is the peak storm season. There are lesser rainstorms from June to September also.

But aside from the times of overwhelming storms Singapore is still regularly doused in as much sun as rain, and this makes for an attractive summer getaway if you're hoping to hit the beaches, and still need to experience a dynamic city with a vibrant nightlife.

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