When is the cheapest time to fly for Thanksgiving?

Wouldn't it surprise you to know that the most expensive days to fly for Thanksgiving holiday is the day before Thanksgiving (Wednesday) and the last day before work week begins (Sunday)? You already know it helps to book your flight in advance, but there's no telling from factors like weather or gas prices how it will affect your travel three months from the day you book, right?

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Well, feel no remorse. If you haven't really pre-booked, be glad to know that the day of Thanksgiving itself is one of the cheapest days to travel, apart from the rest of the week not mentioned above. I know, I know. Who wants to travel on the day of the holiday itself and the next day when you're still spending time with family? Hey, think quality versus quantity. It's not how much time you spent with them...but how much turkey slices you've forked while getting drunk with all that Chardonnay.

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