The best time to go to the Netherlands

Thinking about traveling to the Netherlands? Knowing what season to visit gives you the best travel deals and even the opportunity to bond with the locals.

The climate in the Netherlands is considered to be moderate, which means that there are well-defined summer and winter seasons.

Regardless of the city, it is always the most comfortable during the warmer months. Unless, of course, the season is easily measured by the lack of tourists. The warm summer months are also the most crowded, as many tourists are planning trips to Holland during this time.

The warmest months of the year throughout most of the Netherlands are July and August, but even at this time the temperatures are quite mild. Highs will usually stay in the mid-70s and on a hot day jump in the 80s. These are great months for walking outdoors and exploring the canals or riding bikes on the streets.

The spring months of April and May are also a great time to visit even if the cooler daytime temperatures may require long pants and jumpers to stay comfortable. The flowers that bloom everywhere are spectacular. April is the season for daffodils while tulips bloom in May.

The colder winter months also have something to offer. When temperatures drop below freezing for too long, even the channels freeze over. When this happens, it's a great opportunity to meet the locals and tourists to the ice and skate along this narrow strip of water.

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