Make Your Childhood Dreams Come True – Travel During Disney Off Peak Season

Visiting Disney theme parks will always be part of everyone’s childhood dreams. And whether you will be visiting Disneyland in California, Florida and even the one in Hong Kong or Japan, it is always best to travel during off peak seasons. 

Definition of Disney Off Peak Season 

When talking about visiting Disneyland or Disney World, the first thing that any visitor or vacationer should do is to find out what the Disney off peak season is all about. This is actually the season or the months of the year where very few crowds flock to visit Disney theme parks. The low attendance of visitors also signals that ticket prices are at their lowest for the year. During the off peak season, hotel rates are lower, which means that you can find affordable deals without any problems. One thing that you should also expect during Disney off peak season is that some attractions may not be in operation, and certain shows are not presented or held. 

When Is the Best Time to Go For Disney Off Peak Season Travel Deals?

Obviously, the best time to check out flights, hotel accommodations and Disney tour packages would be a few months before the start of the off peak season. But before you go online, it would also be advisable to know the park’s off season periods:

January – excluding the weeklong New Year’s celebration, where thousands of visitors head to Disneyland, the days before the President’s week in February would be one of the best times to go for a Disney off peak season visit.
Before Thanksgiving – since this is a national holiday, expect huge crowds in attendance. Visit Disneyland the week after Labor Day and just before Thanksgiving.
Before Christmas – after Thanksgiving, you can start planning your trip and visit the place just before Christmas. 

How to Find the Best Disney Off Season Travel Deals

There are several ways to find the best Disney off season travel deals:

Take the Weekday Deal – usually, traveling on weekdays during the off-peak season would ensure huge savings. Some rides and parades may not be available, but the major attractions would still be in operation. 
Look for Special Deals or Offers – since the theme park’s off peak seasons would mean that there will be smaller crowd turnouts, the park will start offering special promos that would be beneficial to those who would be travelling with their kids. You can search over the internet or directly through Disney – for affordable travel packages. 
Compare Rates – this is really important if you want to bag great deals. Check out several quotations before making any decisions. 
Visiting this leisure or theme park during their Disney off peak season may not offer all the attractions, but it would still give you the time of your lives. Not only will you save money, you will also turn your childhood dreams into reality. 

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