Low Season Disneyland Vacation: Is it for you?

After deciding that your next vacation spot is Disneyland, a more daunting decision is to be made – when to go. In the last decade, low season Disneyland has reduced greatly as other special events in autumn and around the Christmas break have fascinated more visitors. Most people say that weekends are always crowded even during the off season. But hold on – there are still variations in the crowds and park events all year through.

Peak season versus off peak season at Disneyland

Going during the peak season is recommended if:

Large crowds are ok
Seeing all resorts popular shows is a necessity
Having greater range of park hours (think 15 hours) is needed.
Going during low season Disneyland is advised if:
Watching large shows isn't a main concern
Minimal crowds are preferred
Early closing of park is ok (10 AM – 8 PM)

Low Season Disneyland Park Hours

During the day, there is regular entertainment but there are no large shows. The parks usually close between 6 to 8 pm. Weekends (Fridays to Sundays) usually includes majority of summertime shows and are fairly busy, with the parks closing around 10 PM or as late as midnight. Visitors who can’t go during the weekdays should go on a Sunday, which pretty much has the same shows as Saturday but with lower crowds. Parks are also closed at 11 pm the latest. Visitors who don’t like crowds shouldn't go to the parks on a Saturday since it can be as busy as summer days.

The off peak season in Disneyland was much longer before. It’s a favorite time of Disney regulars with few crowds and a laid-back atmosphere. But with more guests being attracted to the place, there are only a handful of times when crowds are really minimal. Generally, low season Disneyland with fewest crowds possible ranges from January to early March, except on holiday weekends.

Low season Disneyland is a great time to go for families prepared to take their child out from school. Because there are less crowds, going to the park is less strenuous, giving you and the kids more energy for more fun.

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