How to save money traveling during the off peak cruise season

Cruise prices are known to drop drastically during the months of June to November, because it’s hurricane season. But this doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your safety just to save a few bucks on off peak cruise season. Many travelers nowadays have discovered that the secret to saving money on cruises is by traveling on the low season, because the chances that your voyage is going to be affected by extreme weather is pretty slim, anyway. 

When exactly is the off peak cruise season?

Hurricanes are still generally unpredictable, but it always helps to understand the regions you’re visiting so you can plan smart for traveling on the off peak cruise season. Do your research on when the hurricane peak periods are. For example, in the Eastern Caribbean, hurricane season tends to strike from mid August straight till mid September. On the other hand, off peak cruise season for the Western Caribbean starts mid September and runs until early November. 

How to prepare for travel during off peak cruise season

With these in mind, preparation is key. If you aren’t on a tight schedule and can afford to be flexible, it’s worth booking a trip during the off peak cruise season. Be reminded that it means your itinerary to arrive at certain ports may be disrupted, so don’t plan any important milestones such as weddings or reunions if you’re cruising during these months.

It’s recommended to consider purchasing insurance for your trip to be fully prepared for traveling. Look for insurance policies that cover you for weather-related disruptions that could happen during off peak cruise season. There’s a wide variety of policies you can choose from, whether obtained through the cruise line you’re booking with, or from an independent insurance provider. 

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