How to find great deals on off peak car rentals

With the multitude of automobile rental services available online, it can be overwhelming to find the suitable one for your needs, and within your budget. This is especially true if you are working within a tight budget, but by booking off peak car rentals you can still get the biggest bang for your buck.

When is the best time to rent cars during the week?

Weekends usually offer the best rates for off peak car rentals, although SUVs and minivans may be priced higher. This is tied to the fact that weekends are usually the times that families rent out vehicles to go on road trips or short holidays with the family, and therefore are in higher demand. To be sure, ask the car rental company of your choice exactly what days of the week qualify as a weekend. For some it could be Friday to Sunday, while for others, it could run from Friday to Monday.

Useful car rental tips

There are many other ways you can maximize savings by booking off peak car rentals.

First and foremost, do your research ahead of time. By scanning offers early on, you’ll know when you find a great deal for the car of your choice, and once you see it, book it right away! 

Second, if you’re considering car rental for an extended period of time, you may want to look at joining loyalty programs of car rental companies. They may entitle you to off peak car rentals rates all year round, even when you’re booking during the peak season. 

Third, be flexible with your car choices. Off peak car rentals also work similar to airfare whereas the popularity of the location and availability have an effect on the cost. Book a car that meets your basic needs to save more money. 

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