Quick Guide to Planning Off Peak Season Weddings

Why off peak season weddings are becoming popular

Off peak season weddings are gaining popularity among couples who are budget conscious. People who are starting new lives together as couples need to be financially wise. Smart planning and scheduling will provide opportunities for couples who aim for budget-friendly weddings. 

Things to consider for off peak season weddings 

Low season weddings will save you as much as half of the expenses during a peak season wedding. Because there is less demand, you can choose the wedding service providers you want, at cheaper prices. But in order to make your wedding successful, there are some factors you need to consider like:
    1. Wedding dress. The off peak season for weddings usually run from January to March in the US. These are winter months and you don’t want to be freezing when you say your “I do”. Choose an appropriate dress based the weather. 

    2. Flowers. One of the reasons most couple want to have a summer wedding is because of the colorful flowers. During winter, your floral options are limited so you have to hire someone who can do interesting arrangements with your limited types of flowers.

    3. Transportation. Brides can’t hope to ride a carriage to church during off peak season so the options are also limited. You can only go in a car or a limo because of the bad weather.
Where to find service providers for off peak season weddings

To find a good wedding planner or wedding singer, the first thing you have to do is ask around. Ask your friends or relatives if they can recommend someone. If none, you can always look at wedding directories online. Make sure to localize your search so you get results near your place. Finding the perfect people will make your event successful and memorable. 

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