Planning Your Big Day During Off Peak Season For Weddings

So you are excited to say your “I do” and now you’re busy planning the big event? There are many things to consider when preparing for a wedding but the first and most important thing you have to decide on is the date because everything revolves around it. It affects the type of wedding you’ll have, the venue where the event is taking place, and even your dress!
What months are the off peak season for weddings? 

In the US, off peak season for weddings usually include the months of January, February and March. These are winter months and you can take advantage of great deals during this period. The low season is different for every place because it is being dictated by the weather. But in general, winter, rainy, and very humid seasons are not ideal for weddings. 

How much can you save during off peak season for weddings?

During the low season, you can enjoy great savings because there is lesser demand for wedding services and venues. Off peak rates are sometimes 50% lower than peak rates. 

Aside from being able to choose the venue for the ceremony and the reception, it is also easier to deal and negotiate with them because they don’t have a lot of customers. It is the same with wedding service providers like wedding organizers, caterers, etc. Having your ceremony during off peak season for weddings will save you lots of money and headaches. 

Tips for off peak season for weddings

Low season weddings are ideal for budget conscious couples. Here are some other tips to make your big day memorable even on a tight budget:

1. Plan every detail, even if you have a wedding planner.
2. Make a schedule. Make sure everything’s on time. 
3. Smile—it’s your wedding!

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