Fly Cheap With Off Peak Season Tickets

What makes off peak season tickets cheaper? 

Smart travelers know when to schedule their trip to take advantage of lower airfares. Ticket prices are usually based on how many people are travelling during that period. Peak season for travel means that more people are going on holidays so the tickets are more expensive. It is cheapest to fly when there is lowest passenger demand.

Factors that affect the price of off peak season tickets 

The low or high seasons for flights affect the price of the tickets. Here are some of the other factors that determine the price of airline tickets.
  1. Weather. Price ticket drops during hurricane and rainy seasons because there are less people willing to travel during bad weather. Sunny weather, on the other hand, means more travelers and more expensive tickets. 
  2. School Schedule. Summer vacations and school breaks mean students and teacher adding to the influx of people book flights either to go home or to go on vacation. Prices of airline tickets during spring break shoot up while tickets during months with classes cost less. 
  3. Holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July and other major holidays drive up the demand for air travel so tickets are more pricey. Travelling during regular months is more financially sound because off peak season tickets are cheaper. 
Where to buy off peak season tickets

You can buy off peak season tickets through the airline companies’ website. You can also find deals from third-party vendors, but make sure to double check with the airline’s website to make sure you get the lowest price. You can also use travel search engines to look for cheap travel deals and off peak season tickets. Travel search engines scour the web for the latest and most relevant deals based on your search. 

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