Travel 101: Guide to Booking Off Peak Season Vacations

Definition of off peak season vacations

Before you take out your calendar and plan your next trip or that much-awaited out-of-town, pause for a moment and analyze when the best time is for your vacation. Going on a holiday during peak season would usually mean pricey tickets, fully-booked hotels, and of course, tourist crowd. That is why there are people who prefer to have off peak season vacations. Scheduling your travel during off peak or low season also has its benefits.

When is the best time to go for off peak season vacations?

Off peak or low season means that there are lesser people travelling during that period. When planning a trip, always consider the place you want to go to and the type of activity you want to enjoy. Off season occurs when people are either busy with work or with school. So don’t plan your vacation during school breaks or national holidays because tourist destinations will surely be crowded. 

Low season also varies depending on the destination. For example in Europe, it’s usually a dead season from November to March while in Hawaii it’s from April to May and September to October. The Caribbean’s low period is from August to September while New York is quiet from January to February. Surprisingly, Las Vegas also has its off season, from July to August and the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

How to find the best off peak season vacations travel deals?

Looking for the best deals to travel during low season is like a shopping spree. Off peak season vacations will give you your money’s worth because of low rates, incredible promo offers and best of all, no competition. After marking the date of your trip, it’s time to decide how and where to book. One of the easiest ways to search for great deals is through travel agencies. But most people these days look for travel deals online, through online travel booking sites. It is easier, faster and more convenient. Travel booking sites also offer several options where you can choose what destination you want to go to, which hotel you want to stay at, what package you want to avail of, and even which rental car you want to hire. 

But no matter when or where you go, the most important thing is that you should have fun. Leave everything behind, just relax and enjoy your get-away. 

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