How to Enjoy Disney Off Peak Season

When is Disney off peak season?

Planning on taking your kids to Disney? Do you want to enjoy the rides and feel like a child again? For people who want to avoid the peak crowd, going to Disney off peak season is the most enjoyable. Before packing your bags and booking your flight, find out first when the low season is. 

Disney off peak season is difficult to determine because Disneyland is always filled with kids and even adults but based on sales, off peak season usually starts after New Year until the middle of February, then picks up after that until Easter. Off peak season also includes the week after Easter until Memorial Day, from September to October and the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Why go to Disney off peak season? 

There are some advantages and disadvantages in going to Disneyland during low season. First, there is less crowd. This means that there are shorter lines in the ticket booth and you can enjoy your ride without bring stressed by people waiting for their turn. Another advantage is that you can enjoy discounts and lower rates for flights and accommodation. With less people travelling, airline companies and hotels boost their sales by offering travel deals.

However, some rides are not available during off peak. It is the period when repairs and maintenance works are usually scheduled because there are fewer customers affected. Also, some rides are not available daily. 

Tips to enjoy your Disney off peak season travel 

Even with these drawbacks, you can still enjoy Disney during low season. To make sure that you’ll be able to watch the shows that you want to see and ride the rides you want, check the schedule of shows and maintenance before embarking on your trip. 

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