Ways to Save Using the Disney World Peak Season Calendar 2014

Taking your loved ones to Disneyland does not have to be too expensive. If you intend to visit next year, right planning and the use of simple ways to cut down costs enable you to visit the happiest place in the world without having to spend that much. Before you finally decide the specific date for your trip, it helps if you can use the Disney World peak season calendar 2014.

Know the Prices with the Disney World Peak Season Calendar 2014

By using the Disney World peak season calendar 2014, you get to know which specific months offer lower rates. The lowest rate also known as the value season starts on Jan. 2, 2014. Peak season where prices are 50% higher begins on Feb. 13, 2014.

To avoid paying for doubled rates, you should avoid going to Disneyland in the following peak season months (March, April, May and December). Months of January, August and September offers lower Disneyland rates.

Apart from the rates based on the Disney World Peak Season Calendar 2014, there may also be additional charges ranging from $10 to $50 per night during weekends and holidays (Columbus Day weekend, Christmas, Thanksgiving week and Luther King Day weekend).

Useful Tips to Lower Down Costs

Knowing which specific months to go can help you in sorting out your choices. Avoid going to Disneyland during marathon weekends and holidays if you want to save money. Instead of going for deluxe resorts that are quite expensive, you can choose value and moderate resorts that can also offer you the same Disney themed experience.

As early as now, you can decide which specific dates as to when you want to take your loved ones to Disneyland. It also helps if you can get discount coupons to enjoy lower prices.

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