Use the Disney Peak Season Chart to Reduce Costs

Without carefully planning your Disneyland trip, you might end up paying for higher costs. You do not have to spend too much just so you can have a once in a lifetime experience in Disneyland. Using the Disney peak season chart, you can find ways to further reduce costs. If you are taking your loved ones with you then you should definitely find ways to save money.

Disney Peak Season Chart: Compare Costs

Depending on the demand, Disneyland may charge 50% to 75% higher than the regular price. The value season which starts on the second day of January offers the lowest rate. The rest of the months are categorized as regular season, summer season, Easter season, fall season and peak season. Using the Disney peak season chart, you get to compare the costs.

For instance in the Disney peak season chart, months of February, March, April and December, prices can increase up to 50%. If you want to avoid having to pay for expensive rates, you should definitely avoid these months. It is also essential that you know the holidays where many tourists go to Disneyland like New Years day, Marathon Weekend, Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend, President’s week in February, Easter, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Columbus day and the Christmas Holidays.

How to Further Lower Costs

Apart from getting essential information using the Disney peak season chart, there are several ways for you to reduce your costs. Remember that not only accommodation takes the bulk of your travel costs; plane tickets can also be too expensive. Finding the best off peak season flight deals can also help you to lower down costs.

Going to Disneyland does not require you to spend a lot. Knowing when to go and by availing discount coupons, you get to enjoy the happiest place on Earth and avoid the huge crowd.

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