Off Peak Wedding Season: Budget Friendly Yet Fabulous

You may be having that dreamy sequence of the proverbial June bride, but if budget seems quite an issue, then you should choose a date that falls during the off peak wedding season. This is the point in the calendar where prices are not as high, but it doesn't mean that you won't be able to celebrate your dream wedding in the grandest way possible.

When is the Best Possible Off Peak Wedding Season

There is actually no specific month of the year that can officially be dubbed as an off peak wedding season, but it has been said that the months after winter or the first quarter of the year holds the least spot for wedding dates. Obviously because of the weather, this is also the time where you can score great budget deals for airfares and honeymoon accommodation packages.

However, one thing to seriously consider is your wedding theme or location. Most couples are enamored by the splendor of a beach wedding, and if you are to consider the post-winter months for a beach wedding, that might not be feasible.

Finding the Best Off Peak Wedding Season Travel Deals

The most favorable way to score deals can be done either of two ways: Delegate the search to a seasoned wedding planner or do your extensive research online. You have to be clear-cut as to the location and theme of your wedding as these are two determining factors for the occasion.

There's a huge chance that garden or beach weddings are among the top options, and if you're nestled into the city, then expect travel as part of your expense list. If you want to be hands-on as this is a momentous occasion for you, then plan ahead and do your homework. Research. Ask around and take down notes. If you're too busy to get involved, you can always ask your wedding planner to help you out in finding great deals for the best off peak wedding season.

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