Factors that Affect Off Peak Season Ticket Prices

Off peak season tickets do not necessarily spell out "economy class." This is the budget traveler's best buddy as it means having more pocket change for the rest of the adventure.

The cheapest flights are what people mostly look for when it comes to cutting travel costs. Airline tickets are structured based on passenger demand, which means that the highest points of the year in which passengers travel are bound to make airfares skyrocket. And this is why most travelers opt for off peak season tickets so that they won't have to spend too much on airfare.

The best calendar dates wherein you may be able to score off peak season tickets depend on these factors:


Although this option is more of a matter of preference, dropping down rates at specific dates are their come-on factor of sorts for people to choose them over others. However, people still have the tendency to go for airlines with dependable airbuses, flight schedules and those with exemplary service.


Prices of off peak season tickets are affected by changes in weather patterns. Hurricane seasons, for instance, would mean lesser passenger demand, and it is at this point that airline tickets are placed on a lower rate scale. Because of the possibility of weather disruptions, this bargain somehow becomes a drawback as tickets are mostly non-refundable. You are practically putting your cheap money at stake, which is why others are not attracted by the perks of off peak season rates.

Red Eye Flights

Ticket rates for red eye flights are lower as schedules are set either at the earliest morning hour or the latest part of the night. You may indeed be able to save up quite a bit, but if your time of arrival to your destination is a little too early for shuttle pick-ups, then you might end up spending more for airport hotel accommodations.

School Schedules and Holidays

Vacation time means higher passenger demand as families schedule their much-awaited breaks during these times. Therefore, an increase in ticket prices is expected. So if you want off peak season tickets, avoid these "red-letter" holidays.

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