Enjoying the Caribbean on an Off Peak Cruise Season

A lot of people have raved about their wonderful Caribbean cruise, which gets neophytes in the cruising game more curious as to what it has to offer. The off peak cruise season can probably be your best bet if you'd like to validate your friends' enthusiasm about the experience, as prices are definitely lower than usual.

The Caribbean Off Peak Cruise Season

The lowest seasons for a Caribbean cruise usually runs from September to the early dates of January. The fall season is reportedly the peak time for good off season deals. The latter part of April until early May also falls within the off peak frame. What you're going to get in exchange for lower rates are less throngs of people and a very favorable weather.

However, with regard to the weather, although the Caribbean is known for its warm, homey ambiance, you still have to take note of the hurricane season as this will greatly affect your travel course. This usually runs from June to November and it can certainly affect the quality of your vacation. This means last-minute port changes, alteration of usual routes or courses to avoid storms (which could definitely eat up a substantial amount of time off your itinerary), rough sailing, and regular drizzles.

Finding the Best Caribbean Off Peak Cruise Season Travel Deals

The best sailing season does not actually depend on your destination alone. If budget is a major issue for you, then you've got to settle for budget travel deals by booking earlier to grab hold of possible bargains that can go along with off peak cruise season rates. What greatly factors in are the time availability of your cruise buddies and if these shall fit within the low season.

For cheaper prices and decreased chances of encountering the hurricane season, your best travel bets for an off peak cruise season can fall within August to October. Since the weather is very much unpredictable, if a hurricane comes, expect last-minute itinerary switches that would take you to a different island destination. Nevertheless, it's still the Caribbean so you'll still get to bask under the renowned Caribbean sun.

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