Save money by booking during the off peak season for airlines

These days, it’s easy to plan for a budget trip if you know how and when to book your trips. While airfare can be considered one of the costlier aspects of traveling, finding out when the off peak season for airlines is can save you a big chunk of cash, which you can use for other expenses during your trip.

How weather affects airfare

The main factor that generally affects the airfare low season would be weather and seasonality throughout the year. For example, if you’re trying to book flights to the Caribbean from the United States, flights are at the cheapest during June to November, which is the hurricane season. Off peak season for airlines that fly to Europe would similarly be during January and February, which is cold and snowy. The logic behind seasonal weather changes and flight fares has to do with the fact that you can opt to pay at a discounted rate when tickets are less in demand, most likely due to a higher possibility of flight disruptions and inclement weather. -Specializing in Cheap Flights

Should you avoid the holidays?

It’s also helpful to know when the peak periods are; and the general rule of thumb is to avoid booking airfare tickets for travel during major holidays which include Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Labor Day, Memorial Day weekend, and Easter. On these holidays, you can be certain that prices will increase dramatically due to a significantly higher demand for plane tickets as more people are going on holiday. School summer holidays are also another time of the year when airfare goes up.

Booking tickets during the off peak season for airlines can save you a lot of money, especially if you plan well. It’s always helpful to consider the cost of additional charges you may have to pay, including hotels to stay in due to catching low peak red-eye flights to save a few dollars.

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